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Legal Marketing – Tracking Resources

I am not a marketing specialist. But I do have experience as a practicing lawyer in marketing our firm. And we did this “by the seat of our pants”. We relied heavily on the relationships that we had built over time and the networking that grew out of those relationships. This worked for us, because we had strong grounding in our practice area in our locale. And this is the way a lot of boutique firms market themselves.

But is that all there is? Of course not. And some firms are very active in developing innovative marketing strategies. I will be assembling resources in this blog that take this to a higher level.  BTW, one idea is to hire a consultant. Altman Weil does this sort of work among others. And there are some interesting platforms that track the area. is one. Legal Marketing Review is another. And the traditional tools (like Martendale Hubblell) have come a long way.

Let’s see what we can come up with over time. Stay tuned!