Client’s Need More than Lawyers

In the old days, you might have had a “family lawyer”. This was a person whom you knew and whom you would consult first with any legal issue. If that person could not help, he or she (in those days, it was more likely a he) would steer you in the right direction to get help.

But practicing law became more of a business long ago, and the idea of a lawyer chatting with a client — and not billing — is now a bit quaint. So where do people in that pre-client phase go to chat? Good question. One place is to the bookstore — or its digital equivalent, Amazon. And to digital media. Forbes, for example, offers advice on what to do if you are about to get sued.

Here is the takeaway from this. Forbes marketing folks are smart. They don’t run articles unless they think people will want them. So it is relatively convincing that people are looking for this type of input. What do I do before I start shelling out big money for legal representation. Is reading a Forbes article enough? It may be a start, but I would argue that there is a lot more market room here. The question is who wants to fill that space. Global law will be tracking that.


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