How to Manage Lawyers

Over the years, I have found that clients come to lawyers with rather unrealistic expectations. Some, for example, are shocked when they find out that they cannot be guaranteed to receive “justice”. They balk at the thought that litigation, for example, will be expensive, time consuming and risky. How could it e? But even sophisticated clients sometimes end up with poor lawyer relationships.

There are ways to avoid this and the internet is loaded with “tips” for managing lawyers. These can help. But on the most basic level, clients must grasp that — no matter what one might wish — law is a business. What i mean is that all private lawyers operate within a business model. That model is for the benefit of the lawyer rather than the client.  Private lawyering is not a public service.

Thus, I am surprised quite often when sophisticated corporate clients engage lawyers in jurisdictions accepting high fees and poor results. Their lawyers blame the system 8for example obtuse judges or corrupt regulators) — as if they were not part of the system.

In the “client interests” page on this blog, I will be collecting resources that empower clients to handle this strategic problem better. Post a comment to ask for more.


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