The Global Copyright Mess

For some time now, the US has been pushing to get better global protection for the IP belonging to US firms. Hollywood has led the way to mainstream this idea. And for a while, it seemed non-controversial. Who is favor of piracy, right? Well, those days are over. US efforts are more and more seen as US over-reach. And WIPO is in disarray. time to er-think our thinking about copyright?


One thought on “The Global Copyright Mess”

  1. Or maybe another example of over-reach (fro WIPO SCCR/26/3 ref. SCCR28)

    24. Proposal from the African Group — Supply of works

    It shall be permissible for a library or archive to supply a copy of any work, or of material protected by related rights, lawfully acquired or accessed by the library or archive, to another library or archive for subsequent supply to any of its users, by any means, including digital transmission, provided that such use is compatible with fair practice as determined in national law.


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